​The staff of Martini Kids Club is kind and enthusiastic.  You can rest easy knowing your child is in the best hands with us. They share a mutual love and respect for our values and will help teach and encourage your child daily. Each staff member brings their own personality into the classroom, so please stop and chat with our staff members today about how your child's day was. 


Sara Conley

MKC Director and

Martini Lutheran Church Office Manager

Morgan Gomez

MKC Assistant Director

James Teasdale

Martini Lutheran's Pastor

Miss Chloe

Room 1 - Lead Teacher

Miss Katie

Room 1 -  Teacher

Miss Jennifer

Room 1 - Asst. Teacher

Miss Sarah

Room 2/3 - Lead Teacher

Miss Kay

Room 2/3  Teacher

Miss Danielle

Room 2/3 Teacher

Miss Alyssa

Room 4 - Lead Teacher

Mr. Brandon

Latchkey / Room 4 Asst. Teacher

Miss Maria

Room 4 Teacher

Mr. Harry

Latchkey- Lead Teacher

Miss Jordan

Float Teacher

Miss Bethany

Float Teacher